The mission of the IMSD@U2 program is to build a diverse and inclusive biomedical workforce. In the past five years (2017-2021), the University of Utah’s enormous and foresightful commitment to diversity and inclusion has resulted in successful recruitment of UR students to the Biosciences PhD programs, so that UR students comprise 33% (62 UR/192 total) of the matriculated students. Recognizing that these substantial gains in the diversity of our incoming PhD classes over the last five years requires effective, sustained, and comprehensive efforts that fortify scientific career development for UR students, we have developed the IMSD@U2 program to produce the longer-term objectives of expanding diversity in the biomedical workforce. The aims of the IMSD@U2 are to train and launch the careers of diverse, creative, and talented underrepresented (UR) students by 1) continuing to build our successful recruitment program for UR students to our University of Utah Bioscience PhD programs; 2) developing and utilizing innovative programs to retain UR Trainees and Scholars through our ExCEEDS (Excellence in Career Enhancement, Education, Development and Diversity in Science) framework, thereby launching our UR trainees into successful careers; 3) preparing IMSD@U2 Trainees and Scholars to become confident leaders in biomedical research; and 4) mentoring faculty mentors, thus developing and fostering a research-intensive and inclusive environment in which UR scientists can flourish. 

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